"They are mighty and yet gentle enough for the birds to hide behind."

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My tree tattoo; produced on my travels in Norway. Many wonder why I love trees — so I’m finally explaining about Norge (yes I named my tattoo, it’s amazing) and what trees actually represent to me.

In all their grandeur most impressive, A tree — swaying to and fro, flexible in the wind, onward with the spirit of life, yet stay rooted, immovable and faithful. They are ever present and firmly loyal. They hold the soil together around them — they gather community. I look at them and they remind me to be satisfied with the weather and yet still grow in my circumstances; to brave all seasons steadfast and patient. To be willing to be pruned and cut back for the new growth and things to come. A tree is solid and majestic and protecting and supplying. They are generous, in their resources and diverse in their offerings. Rooted and evolving in the same moment— they are simple yet within, so complex. They are mighty and yet gentle enough for the birds to hide behind.

They remind me of my Father, how he calls me to be an Oak of Righteousness (Isaiah). To be "a tree planted by water, not to fear drought because my roots are deep enough to keep bearing fruit" (Jeremiah).

A simple little tree reminds me of all these things plus more. Wrapped up in sticks, branches, and all their colors. When I look at their unwavering glory it reminds me of where I came from: my Pacific Northwest Home home, of hope for my future dreams, and of what true strength can be.

I know it can seem like that’s all a little much to be said about a plant. But I’m grateful I have a symbol that reminds my heart of all these characteristics.

May 2016

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