Write up for Lagoon to the Moon V.2

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I find adventure in the great jungle leaves, where your bones are warm and the light is never ending. My skin is definitely more happy. Basking in gold glow.  The gentle wind that is almost encouraged to stop by at an outdoor party is easy and outstanding. But put me in a damp forest — a darker climate, sure of itself. There is that creative coziness, where music is louder and more appreciated — it goes along with the unknowing sway of  the natural popping nights fire. The city bustle, the comfort in its noise or the repetition of island life. Everything appeals to me. So then, is that a strength, weakness?  Is that the inevitable suffering of a nomadic heart?


I’ve been told I’m like a spy, a pioneer — or a gypsy mostly. I’ve been told that I wander and they don’t understand. I’ve been told I’m in love with too many places. But you and me, we understand. Joy comes from all shapes and sizes and time zones.  When I travel or move or pilgrim or, as some have said, wander, its forever been a goal to cultivate beauty — calling forth the lovely. No matter my experiences; I am resolved to leave a country able to discern the individual traits of their incredible culture. What are the things that make this place unique?  Wherever I go I am present and intentional. My goal is culture, my goal is the genuine intrinsic beauty of that place. Its like my own secret game of treasure hunt.


So I am in love with it all. I can appreciate every place. Every people. Every alluring sidewalk. Its not all fun and games. Its not always lemonade, peaches or cream. No—governments leak from all sides, genders are sometimes oppressed, roads aren’t perfectly paved and tourists can overwhelm garbage bins. But there is virtue in discovery. Its about enjoying everything you’re apart of, truly loving the brokenness OR the blatant beauty. My roaming heart used to feel anxious to choose one place or another. Dive or fly, black, white, city, countryside...but we don’t need to choose, you and me. There is no need. Allow yourself to love each place for a reason all its own. Embrace the beauty of each atmosphere specific to itself.  We won’t have the opportunity to stay there forever. Each place has something of value to offer and I choose to celebrate those offerings.


June, 2016

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