"words kill words give life; they're either poison or fruit: you choose"- Proverbs


This conceptual typeface is created to highlight the tone of voice an online user is typing in. Exploring the meaning behind graphology, showcasing the negative (-) and positive (+) qualities in a persons personality, these analytics gave significance to each letter form and their unique and distinct shape. The research has proven, the harsh aspects of speech and personality create a pointed and unbalanced typeface and lovely traits are more beautiful - there is power in our words - Speak with Intent.

INTENT+ the positive traits: with round, figure-8 shapes, stable strokes, and a breathable x-height one could use it to showcase a message of encouragement.

INTENT- The distasteful traits: with sharp angles and unbalanced proportions, one could use the typeface to showcase an unpleasant tone of voice.

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