"It was never random to me. It was just out of place for them. Stop."

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My mind wanders and I stop it. What if the air could turn into any liquid so we could just open our mouth and drink when we’re thirsty, on a motorcycle per se. Stop.

Do ants think a dogs nose is a cobblestone street? Stop. Should houses be considered sitting or standing? Stop.

This whole world in my head gets carried away, I was told by many at an age long ago to put those thoughts away. Shut them tight. Just to stop.

So I did stop. What a mistake it was to listen to the dismissive laughter. To be afraid to let my mind wander. Stop. To be “random." Stop. It was never random to me. It was just out of place for them. Stop.

What if? Stop. What happens? Stop. If you fit this together? Stop.

I’m retraining myself to let my spirit be free, think further into that cave covered in mosquito wings, wonder how to fix that flea market table— wonder who rejected it in the first place. Stop. My random, imaginative, seemingly unconnected mind is my most valuable problem solving tool.

So I broke it open and gave it permission to roam again. Year by year it will grow. Stronger, wilder in natural ideas, cultivating answers to the biggest, most daring questions. Don’t stop.

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